Daily Dusting Improves IAQ

July, 12 2022

Cleaning routines vary depending on your lifestyle, pets, and type of home. Dust can build up quickly and be difficult to remove. Not only is dust unsightly, but it can linger in your home and cause health problems, including triggering asthma and allergies. Keeping dust under control doesn’t just help your family breathe easier, it also helps your furnace filter last longer. Here are some tips on adding easy dusting tasks to your daily routine instead of trying to dust your entire house in one day.



Monday is about fresh starts, so let’s make fresh floors the goal. Vacuum rugs and carpets in the morning, emptying your vacuum when it fills before continuing to clean. You can use a traditional mop or dust mop on your hard surfaces, making sure to clean your mop tool when you’ve finished. Don't forget about your baseboards and trim.



Tackle dusting solid surfaces like bookshelves, mantles, countertops, and the top blades of ceiling fans on Tuesdays. If you keep decorations or knickknacks on shelves or mantles, remove and dust them before replacing them in their usual spots. 



Dust tends to accumulate around electronics. Use a gentle microfiber cloth to remove dust that has collected on TVs, gaming consoles, computers, lights, and printers.



The furniture in your home also gathers dust, but you can remove it easily with a duster or microfiber cloth. This tip applies to any furniture in the house, including nightstands, beds, chairs, desks, vanities, and side tables.





Windows, blinds, and curtains can act like dust magnets. Depending on how many window treatments you have in your home, you might want to break this chore up over multiple days. Vacuum or launder curtains routinely, wipe down blind slats, and dust window sills and trim.



Deep clean main entry points such as the front door, side door, and door to the garage on Saturday. Usually shoes, backpacks, keys, and dog items stack up in these locations. Thoroughly vacuum the space and wipe down surfaces. Put loose items away, so they don't gather dust. 



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