8 Tips for Leaving Home for Vacation

March, 15 2022
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Spring is here! Spring break is calling, and people are planning their summer vacations, too. Before hitting the road, take time to review this checklist.


Filter Change

You should swap out your air filter at least every 90 days to maintain efficient performance. If you are leaving for an extended period, it's best to change the filter before leaving.



Manage Temperatures

If you are not able to control your thermostat from your phone, be sure to program your thermostat before leaving. In fact, you may be able to turn it off all together if temperatures will be mild while you are away. Another option is to run the house fan on auto to circulate air.


Care for Plants

Check on houseplants and outdoor plants. Place them clear of any drafts and position them close together to maintain humidity. Be sure to keep them where they receive adequate light while you're gone.


Check Windows

Inspect your windows, pull down any screens, and double-check locks. Then, decide in which windows you want to close the blinds or curtains during your trip.

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Mail & Package Pickup

Reach out to a neighbor, friend, family member, or house-sitter to arrange for pickup of mail, packages, and newspapers. You can give them a key or garage code, so that they can place your mail safely inside your home.


Tidy the House

Don't leave dirty dishes in the sink or the dishwasher full. The mess will stink and can lead to pests. Dust any large surfaces to prevent build-up. Places like bookcases, nightstands, ceiling fans, and furniture can gather dust, triggering allergies.


Turn on Lights

Walk around and turn on a few lights, so that your home doesn’t sit dark at night. You can also use light timers to set a schedule if you prefer.


Schedule Pet Care

If you have pets who aren't going on vacation with you, you must schedule pet care. There are various options: house-sitter, kennel club, and pet hotels. If you can't find care for your pet while you're gone, look into pet-friendly places where you can stay.


Now that you have performed all of your checks and completed your chores, you can enjoy some rest and relaxation while you are away.

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