Furry Friend Care Tips for Better IAQ

February, 24 2021
Dog and cat inside the home laying on the floor sleeping.
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AAF Flanders

Furry Friend Care Tips for Better IAQ

Not all family members are the same. Our furry friends require a little more maintenance when it comes to home care. Here are some tips if you have a pet or pets in your home.


Change your air filter regularly.

Your filter captures dirt, dust, and other harmful particles. Just like you, your pet can carry allergens and other debris from the outdoors inside. Changing your air filter will help maintain a healthy IAQ.


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Launder your pet's bedding and toys often.

Much like washing your own sheets and blankets, cleaning your pet's bed and blankets will also help improve your IAQ. Don't forget about their toys, too!


Keep your pets off the furniture.

This tip can be tricky. Many of us are true animal lovers, and where we go, they go. You can also try protecting your furniture from your pets by using blankets and throws. Just be sure to wash them frequently.



Carpet Cleaning

It is not enough to run your vacuum in your home if you have carpeting. Dirt, dust, and debris are lingering in your carpet. You will need to shampoo your carpets a couple of times a year if you have any pets. Most pet owners know accidents happen, so having a carpet cleaner on hand at all times is a great idea, whether for small spots or large areas.



Different pets require different levels of grooming, based on their size and fur. While there are some hypoallergic dog coats, most of our furry friends can trigger allergies. Be sure to bathe your pet regularly and brush between baths, which will remove unwanted hair/fur. If managing your pet's coat is too much of a hassle, schedule a grooming appointment as necessary.



Keep the pathways into and out of your home clear of debris. Be sure to pick up animal waste and dispose of it properly. It's easy to track in unwanted dirt on your shoes, and our pets can carry that dirt in on their paws. Doormats in entryways will help, or you can keep a towel or pet wipes handy to wipe off pet paws as they come inside.

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