Proper installation and disposal for home air filters

March, 9 2020
Dirty pleated air filter that needs to be replaced and thrown away properly.
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Install your home air filter in 4 easy steps.

Installing an air filter is not as complicated as you may think. With these quick and easy steps, you’ll be a pro in no time and have a fresh air filter.



Step 1 - Turn off your thermostat

Locate your thermostat in the home. Turn off your furnace or air conditioner fan before installation.

Step 2 - Dispose of old air filter

It is important to dispose of the dirty filter correctly. The last thing you want is the existing filter to leave behind dust and debris in your home. Potentially not disposing of the air filter could cause the collected debris in the old air filter to become airborne again. Remember, your old air filter has 30-90 days of waste in it.

To properly dispose of a used air filter:

  • Wear a dust-mask when removing dirty filters
  • Gloves, safety glasses/goggles and other personal protective equipment is also advisable
  • Get a sturdy plastic bag or a piece of plastic that will fully enclose your old filter
  • If visible, note the direction of the airflow arrow on the used filter
  • Carefully remove the used air filter from the HVAC unit. 
  • Place it into your plastic bag without shaking it. Movements could release dust held in the filter. 
  • Tie or tape the plastic closed.
  • Place into the trash, preferably outside the home for trash pick-up.




Step 3 - Open new air filter

Next, remove the packaging/shrink-wrap film on your new filter. Be sure to have a pen or marker handy. Throw away packaging or recycle if possible.


Step 4 - Set change out date

Record the day you installed this filter in the space provided on the new filter’s frame. Be sure to set an alert or reminder to change it based on the package recommendation, 30, 60, or 90 days.

Step 5 - Insert new air filter

Insert this filter into your system with the airflow arrow pointing toward the blower motor. Insert this filter into your system with the airflow arrow pointing toward the blower motor. Please refer to your furnace instructions manual and/or click here for more information.

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Step 6 - Turn on thermostat

Finally, remember to turn your thermostat back on. Now, you're bringing clean air to life.™


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