Don’t Let Construction Near You Impact Your IAQ

January, 10 2022
Construction impacting indoor air quality

Have you noticed any new construction in your area, perhaps a new neighborhood, apartment complex, restaurant, or a strip mall? While new places are exciting for shopping, eating, and hanging out, construction projects can lead to dust, dirt, and fumes in your home. Here are some tips to protect your indoor air quality.


Avoid using scented candles and air fresheners.

It can be tempting to use these products, since construction near your home may produce unpleasant odors. Unfortunately, these products can pollute the air in your home, especially during cooler months when windows are closed.


Kick your shoes off at the door.

Keep a designated spot for shoes near entryways to prevent debris from being tracked throughout your home. Once inside, this debris can become airborne and worsen indoor air quality. If you have an attached garage, take advantage of the opportunity to create a place for shoes just inside or outside the garage.


Repair any gaps or cracks.

Doing so keeps out dirt, fumes, and particles. Even better, a tight seal will make your home more efficient, making it easier and more affordable to maintain a consistent indoor temperature.


Keep an eye on any fireplaces.

During the warmer months, seal up a fireplace to keep the outdoors out, including birds and other critters. If you use your fireplace to warm your house in cooler months, clean it regularly and be sure to close it off when it is not in use.


Change your air filter more often.

If there is an ongoing project in your area, the extra dust and dirt kicked up during construction will cause your filter to load with debris more quickly. For this reason, you should change the air filter in your home more often than every 90 days. Each home, not to mention every construction project, is different, so make a mental note to check on your air filter before the 90-day mark.


Breathe easy.

Now that you followed these simple suggestions, you can relax knowing that your indoor air quality will not suffer needlessly. You have nothing more to do but greet your new neighbors.

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