Heat Off? AC On? Lower Your Energy Bill

April, 28 2021
Woman changing temperature in her home with wall thermostat

You can tell by the chilly mornings and warm afternoons that spring is here! You might find yourself turning your heat on at night but your HVAC unit not running at all as the temperatures rise during the day. Maybe you notice a warm surge in the afternoon and turn on the AC (air conditioning) to cool the house before you go to bed. Either way, you're not alone.  


Here are some tips and solutions that can not only give you peace of mind but lower your energy bill. And who doesn't love saving money?


Cleaning ducts in your home routinely.

Duct Maintenance

Cleaning your HVAC ducts routinely improves your IAQ (indoor air quality) and allows air to move through your home more efficiently without obstructions.


You can also seal the ducts that distribute air through your home. Check the ducts in your basement, garage, utility closets, and crawl spaces. You can seal the seams and connections using metal tape or mastic sealant, but you should refrain from other adhesive tapes.


Air Filtration

Routinely check your air filter. Be sure that your unit is off before opening the slot and assessing your filter. The degree of dirtiness of your air filter has an impact on your home's overall energy efficiency. If the filter is full of dirt, your unit must work harder to push the air through it.


If you cannot remember when you last replaced your filter, you can register it with our free Filter Change Reminder program. Fill out the form and select your preference for an email or text message reminder. You can also choose how often you'd like to receive your reminder: 30, 60, or 90 days. Be sure to reference your MERV rating before selecting your reminder frequency. 


Seek Professional Assistance

If you've noticed a spike in your energy bill but haven't changed anything in your routine, it might be time to have a professional check out your HVAC system. Check-ups can save you money on costly repairs. HVAC companies tend to be busy when seasons transition, so booking yearly maintenance appointments might work better.



There are a lot of tools available that monitor and maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. Many of us have programable thermostats that still require you to manually switch from heat to AC. If you fall into that category, you might want to update your thermostat to one that regulates temperatures. There are thermostats available that allow control via your smartphone. If you're constantly on the go, technology can help you maintain optimal temperatures in your home whether you’re home or away. 

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